Our Policy

It is the policy of KSW Construction Corporation to provide a safe and healthful place to work for its employees, customers and visitors. In order to maintain a successful safety program, it must embody cooperation and the proper attitudes toward accident prevention on the part of all employees at KSW Construction Corporation. All work activities will comply with regulations, protect against personal injury and property damage and limit the company’s risk of unnecessary financial burdens or reduced efficiency due to accidents. Only through a cooperative effort can a safety record in the best interest of all be established and maintained.

“No Lost Time Accidents Award”

     ~Associated Builders & Contractors of WI, 2012

“STEP Award 2011″

     ~ABC, silver level for safety

“STEP Award 2010″

     ~ABC, gold level for safety

“No Lost Time Accidents Award”

     ~Associated Builders & Contractors of WI, 2010

“Platinum Award of Honor for Zero Recordable Accidents”

     ~Associated Builders & Contractors of WI, 2009

“STEP Award 2009”

     ~ABC, gold level for safety

“No Lost Time Accidents Award”

     ~Associated Builders & Contractors of WI, 2008

“STEP Award 2008”

     ~ ABC, gold level for safety

Policy Objectives

In keeping with KSW Construction Corporation commitment to safety, we have implemented this policy to meet the following objectives:


To provide for development and implementation of safety and health policies, programs and implementing procedures designed to provide a safe and healthful working environment for all employees, our customers, visitors, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and members of the general public.


To reduce the potential of accidental injuries to persons and to protect the property of KSW Construction Corporation employees, customers, and general public, minimizing the occurrence of incidents, the consequences of which may drastically affect the safety and future of KSW Construction Corporation projects and facility operations.


To cooperate with subcontractors and other clients in their efforts to contribute to safe and efficient operations, and to comply with applicable federal, state and local statutes, standards and regulations.


Exercise good judgment in the application of KSW Construction Corporation Corporate Safety Policy.